Scouting - Join the Fun

Are you ready to meet new friends?

Do you want to learn a new skill?

Would you like to experience the outdoors and nature?

Then you are ready to join Scouting. Whether you are 5 or 26 there is a place for you in Scouting.

Registration is a simple 3 step process.  First download the Registration form and complete. Second, contact the Section Leader for the section you wish to join.  Finally, attend a scheduled meeting, bringing the completed form and a cheque payable to 'Scouts Canada' with you.  You are now ready to start your Scouting adventure, WELCOME!!!!

Still not sure if Scouting is for you? Well, we invite you to join us for free. You can attend up to 3 in hall meetings for free before you decide to join Scouting. Simply complete the Registration Form and bring it with you to a meeting. Don't want to come alone? Bring a friend with you, all are welcome.

friends sitting outside a tent